Disaster Recovery

Ardsley Country Club devestated by fire

Ardsley Country Club

Ardsley, New York

A catastrophic fire rendered the building unusable. However, the Club saw the silver lining in this calamity and used the opportunity to significantly expand their space and facilities offered to Club members. This required developing two designs to satisfy the insurance carrier's needs.

The Joseph Bruno Trust Building fire damaged

The Joseph Bruno Trust

Queens, New York

After the fire, the debris needed to be cleared out under ACM rules causing some delay to rebuilding. The Trust used the opportunity to design a building fit to serve this area's up-and-coming status.

100 11th Avenue Super Storm Sandy

100 11th Avenue

New York, New York

Super Storm Sandy did her worst. The building held out until City power was shut down, and then the lower floors became inundated; destroying all mechanical and electrical equipment. The building was one of the first to be allowed re-occupation.

Rego Park, Queens, New York

Rego Park

Queens, New York

Damage can occur when exuberant neighbors don't take care.

Trump Village #3, Brooklyn, New York

Trump Village #3

Brooklyn, New York

Having been secure for decades, Sandy was just too powerful to be resisted. MEP services were seriously compromised once she had passed.

Battery Park City Authority, Pier 'A'

Battery Park City Authority, Pier 'A'

New York, New York

This Pier took the full force of Sandy. Presented well, the insurance claim was settled promptly.

Super Storm Sandy filled the pool prematurely! Coney Island Commons, Brooklyn, New York

Coney Island Commons

Brooklyn, New York

In construction at the time of the storm, this project suffered the full effects of Sandy's might. Its claim was settled promptly.

Frozen sprinkler pipe flooding, Canal Street, New York, New York

Canal Street

New York, New York

Big projects on the neighboring Lot, must not forget the needs of occupants already in place. Having good professional support, to keep them honest to their promises, is important.