Who We Are

Ken Percy, as Owner and CEO of Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. (Alnwick), represents business Owners on a wide range of projects both in New York City and elsewhere. The variety of these projects span complex museums through infrastructure and commercial construction; to building recovery from catastrophic events, such as fire or flood; and on to straightforward ground-up design, build and close-out.

With a career of professional construction experiences, the last 30-years have been in senior management positions on World Class projects where he has consistently delivered. Whether it is MoMA, the World Trade Center Memorial Museum or Brooklyn’s General Post Office rehabilitation through launching Puerto Rico’s “Tren Urbano” rail transit system to London’s Canary Wharf development or the new Jewel House at the Tower of London, the projects managed have required an understanding of the “whole project” requirement and the managerial, professional, technical and soft skills needed to achieve complete delivery and success.

He has developed Alnwick into a full-service Owner’s Representative company providing end-to-end services from development, through concept and design development to construction and project close-out.

Alnwick has close ties with related professional businesses that collaborate during the development, design, scheduling, estimating and expediting phases of projects on an "as needed" basis.

Responsibilities have included project definition and strategy; phasing and logistic planning; Contract negotiation as well as designer and contractor procurement; supervision and administration of project development, design, construction and handover phases; oversight of budget, cost, change control, schedule and quality; claims analysis, claim mitigation and insurance submissions.

Mr. Percy has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Liverpool John Moore’s University. He is a member of Project Management Institute; and the Association for Project Management, where he was runner-up Project Manager of the year (1994) for his work on the Crown Jewels project at HM Tower of London.

Why Alnwick

Way back in the late 9th Century (AD) a wandering Viking named Rollo Thurstan Brico sailed his galley on to a Normandy beach and decided to settle there. With the delightful Gerlotte De Blois they had children, one of whom was Mainfred De Percy.

Mainfred’s grandson, William de Percy, is said to have accompanied Hugh d’Avranches from Normandy to England, with the great King William 1st. For his efforts he became the first Baron Percy.

The earliest mention of Alnwick (pronounced ‘ænɪk’) and the subsequent Castle that still commands the region appears soon after 1096 when Yves de Vescy became baron of Alnwick and erected the earliest parts of the Castle.

The Castle was purchased by the 1st Lord Percy of Alnwick in the early 1300's. He moved his family north from Yorkshire and started a relationship between family and town which lasts to this day. Portions of his initial castle fortress remain. The castle is recognized by many for the significant role it has played in the Harry Potter movie series.

Over the 700-years since that auspicious start, the Percy story has continued through the ages and around the World with tales of battles won and lost, imprisonment in the Tower of London, travels and explorations. One of most famous being Harry Hotspur, the Eldest son of the 1st Earl Percy, who earned the nick name “Hotspur” for his great courage and quick temper and his fame was immortalized by William Shakespeare in Henry IV, part 1.

While Ken Percy claims no direct relation to Rollo, or his immediate descendants, he does have that same determination to succeed that drove the Vikings to seek out new lands during Europe’s Dark Ages. Ken brings that determination to Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. and to every project that he is associated with. That same determination has satisfactorily brought challenging and complex construction projects to a timely close without drama, crisis, or angst that too frequently accompany so many projects. Ken’s jobs are well planned, well executed and completed with a minimum of fuss.

As an Owner, these are the qualities that you require from a team that will represent your best interests from the outset of the project until the final close-out. These are the qualities that Alnwick brings to all of their work.