Projects occur for many reasons. Most of them planned, budgeted and fitted into the businesses work plan to cause minimum disruption to core activities. Occasionally they are unplanned, sudden changes caused by fire, flood, business transition, etc. which need to be fitted in at short notice while limiting the disruption. Their successful conclusion often requires managerial, technical and/or resources that would cause overstressing of existing skill resources, if they exist, or may not readily be available within a business.

Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. (Alnwick) specializes in bring those managerial, professional, technical and soft skills needed to assist and guide the business in getting through the project as efficiently and effectively as possible. This allows the In-House management team to continue with their day jobs, while allowing them oversight of the project and its delivery.

The role is usually referred to as an Owner’s Representative, here we illustrate some of Alnwick’s Owner’s Rep successes.


KEN PERCY is Owner and CEO of Alnwick

He has a successful professional career in senior management positions on World Class cultural, commercial, transportation and government facility projects. Ken has developed of Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. to understand each “whole project” and its requirements thus enabling its successful delivery. He brings those managerial, professional, technical and soft skills needed in earlier premier project to each new Owner’s Representative role that Alnwick now undertakes

This includes any and/or all of our cost-effective end-to-end, concept and development to project close-out, Services.