Projects occur for many reasons: Planned expansions (we are growing or consolidating) or sudden change (fire, flood or exuberant neighbors!). Their successful conclusion requires managerial, technical and/or resources that sometimes may not readily be available within a business team. 

Whether a project is planned or unplanned they all have two things in common.

 A. They are defined by the scope of work intended, the time frame in which it needs to be achieved and its budget (the classic Scope, Schedule, and Budget Triangle):
The classic Scope, Schedule, and Budget Triangle: Schedule
The classic Scope, Schedule, and Budget Triangle: Budget
The classic Scope, Schedule, and Budget Triangle: Scope
B. They are separate to “business as usual” activities within the organization. They require people, some from outside, to come together to focus on the specific project objectives and its successful conclusion.


  • Get the brief right – know what needs to be achieved
  • Get the Team right – it is as strong as the weakest link
  • Good people do good work - share the vision: Treat them with respect
  • Manage external communications - third parties are involved
  • Seek best value - cheap is not a virtue
  • Use surveys and prototypes early to understand the risks
  • Do not try to dump risk – it will return to haunt you
  • Always have a Plan B
Strategy requires making explicit choices: To do some things and not others. Strategy is choice. More specifically, it is an integrated series of choices that direct the project.

Having a professional on the team who owns this as their day job assists the remainder of the team who have often been co-opted into the project.


Projects can include any and/or all of the following tasks during a typical management of change. These may include:

  • Project definition
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project strategy - phasing and logistic planning
  • Designer and contractor procurement
  • Supervision and administration of the project development
  • Administration of the Design, Construction and Handover phases
  • Oversight of budget - cost, change control
  • Oversight of the schedule
  • Assistance with the Insurance claim - reporting in suitable format for passing on to the insurance carrier that aligns with their inhouse needs.
Alnwick provides all of these services to assist Owners in delivering their project to the intended specification within the planned time and budget.