Cultural / Institutional

HM Tower of London

The Crown Jewels Exhibition

HM Tower of London, England

From concept through closeout, the restoration and upgrade of the Waterloo Building included a new display for the English Crown Jewels and was completed to budget and a preset opening date. Undisturbed visitor access to the old exhibition was provided during construction while maintaining environmental conditions for the artifacts and State-of-the-art security.

Museum of Modern Art Cullman Wing

The Museum of Modern Art

New York, New York

In multiple construction phases, New York's favorite Museum has provided greater and improved visitor experiences since its 2004 reopening.

World Trade Center Memorial Museum

World Trade Center
Memorial Museum

New York, New York

Getting the new building out of the ground provided the impetus to drive forward to a suitably Grand opening.

Cadman Plaza General Post Office

Cadman Plaza General Post Office Adaptive Reuse

Brooklyn, New York

Cadman Plaza's elegant granite building saw significant adaption and improvements while allowing USPS to continue their daily operations from with in.

High School for Law, Queens, New York

High School for Law

Queens, New York

NYC's first new High School in decades, the innovative design - allowing for two double floor height gymnasia, one above the other, and the student cafeteria sitting above them - proved quite a construction challenge.

Tren Urbano, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tren Urbano

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Planning for the construction phase during design development was key to this project's successful delivery.